Content Strategy: Home Service

blog session increase
blog lead increase
content cvr increase

01. The Challenge

We implemented a steady content production cadence for client with an emphasis on conversion oriented topics based on previous data

We supplemented with Paid Media to hone in on our target markets and improve visibility for ToFu and MoFu queries.

02. The Strategy

Generate four blog posts per month based on identified content gaps amongst service offerings. Focus on content types that had previously been high converters

  • Process oriented content to provide additional decision-making information for MoFu users
  • Content on DIY and other service alternatives and the drawbacks to these methods for ToFu users

03. The Bottom Line

Consistent content production with a focus on providing key information and including more detail than competing content allowed us to improve Organic traffic and Conversions YoY

The addition of Paid Media promotion helped us drive +58% more Leads

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