SEM & PLA: Online Magazine Retailer

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profit increase
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01. The Challenge

Large online retailer for both print & digital magazines in the United States with a  total product offering covering over ~6.4m titles in current, single, back and standard subscriptions. We inherited an account that had historically been built and managed for Revenue/ROAS but the client had a new CMS that allowed them to be able to report on Profit per Transaction from any paid channel. Our ask was to create a strategy that would increase profit specifically from Google & Microsoft Shopping/PLA.

02. The Strategy

Our main focus was to rebuild the account that had originally been structured solely for low maintenance + automation. Built in 2017, this account had used a single PLA campaign with products as Ad Groups along-side tROAS.

  • Broke out individual products into their own campaigns as a “pair” where one campaign had a query funnel and one didn’t – the query funnel term was “subscription”
  • Primary focus was on print magazines due to higher margin – total footprint grew from ~10 campaigns to ~1,800
  • Deprecated bid automation to focus on manual bidding + audience layers

03. The Bottom Line

The partnership with this client meant we would have full access to their CRM, COGS, and developer to build solutions to map campaigns against product cost and their associated Revenue from PLA in effort to report on Profit. One of our main points of emphasis on client engagements was embodied with this account where we had full autonomy to do our best work and the ability to show it with actual data and performance (KPI).

Client Profit has continued to grow since 2018 and we’ve expanded the account into other English speaking countries such as UK/CA/UAE.  

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