Jansen Tolle

jansen tolle

About Jansen

Jansen grew up in the small town of Traverse City, Michigan, but you could say he truly grew up on the internet. From a young age, Jansen had an interest obsession with technology, particularly internet connected technology. He began his career in programming and web development at the age of 14, selling “bots” to automate actions in online games building websites. This blossomed into a 20+ year career in web development. In this 20 years, Jansen has worked for a variety of clients, agencies, and engineering firms. Outside of his professional life, Jansen is passionate about electrical engineering and automation. He expresses this interest by building and riding e-bikes, tinkering with (and playing) pinball machines, and automating everything he can.

Favorite Book

Matter by Iain M. Banks

Favorite Quote

“Nothing is as permanent as a temporary solution that works” – Milton Friedman

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